COVID Safe Event Checklist

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COVID Safe checklist for all markets

Guidance on how to prepare your COVID Safe plan is available here.

Our COVID Safe Plan

Business name:                         Design Noir Pty Ltd  Trading as Urban Markets.

Site location:                             |

Mulgrave Farmers Market,
Eynesbury Market
Merrifield Market
Newhaven Market


Contact person:                         Felicity Ashman

Contact person phone:             0400 520 042

Date prepared:                          Updated 05.08.2020



Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19


Provide and promote hand sanitiser stations for use on entering building and other locations in the worksite and ensure adequate supplies of hand soap and paper towels are available for staff.

Hand Sanitiser is provided in the office and at the Information marquee and handwash station within the market site.

Sanitiser and gloves are also available for the public to use as well as purchase of face mask if required. 
Every stall must also provide a handwash station for their own use and sanitiser for customers.

Where possible: enhance airflow by opening windows and adjusting air conditioning.

The Mulgrave Farmers Market is an outdoor site.
The home office is occupied with one person with suitable airflow.

In areas or workplaces where it is required, ensure all staff wear a face covering and/or required PPE, unless a lawful exception applies. Ensure adequate face coverings and PPE are available to staff that do not have their own.

All staff are required to wear face masks within Mulgrave Farmers Market site at all times of attendance.

Provide training to staff on the correct use and disposal of face coverings and PPE, and on good hygiene practices and slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staff are updated on hygiene and cleaning procedures on a regular basis.

Replace high-touch communal items with alternatives.

No high touch communal items are available. 
Table cloths and other equipment are regularly cleaned including tables and chairs.


Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19



Increase environmental cleaning (including between changes of staff), ensure high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly (at least twice daily).

Building railings are cleaned regularly in market hours.
Office and equipment trolleys are cleaned at the start and end of each day.

Ensure adequate supplies of cleaning products, including detergent and disinfectant.

Adequate cleaning supplies are on hand at the market site.



Action to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19

Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance

Ensure that all staff that can work from home, do work from home.

Limited work at home opportunities for our staff and those that can work from home during the week do so.

Establish a system that ensures staff members are not working across multiple settings/work sites.

Mulgrave Farmers Market is the only site that our staff are currently at a set work site. All other sites have been closed.

Establish a system to screen employees and visitors before accessing the workplace. Employers cannot require employees to work when unwell.


Configure communal work areas so that there is no more than one worker per four square meters of enclosed workspace, and employees are spaced at least 1.5m apart. Also consider installing screens or barriers.

Mulgrave Farmers Market Office can hold 3 staff members during morning and afternoon briefing and close up.
The information marquee allows 2 staff members maximum at any one time.

All other markets are marquee only for staff and adminstration with one or two staff members. 

Use floor markings to provide minimum physical distancing guides between workstations or areas that are likely to create a congregation of staff.

The Mulgrave Farmers Market site is marked with chalk lines within the market area to ensure that adequate social distancing is adhered to. 
All markets have notifications of social distancing.
Staff constantly monitor all public flow and reassess congestion areas.

Modify the alignment of workstations so that employees do not face one another.

No workstations required.

Minimise the build up of employees waiting to enter and exit the workplace.

3 Staff only operate at this site.

Provide training to staff on physical distancing expectations while working and socialising (e.g. during lunchbreaks).

All staff take separate break times and are restricted to 2 being in any one area at a time.

Review delivery protocols to limit contact between delivery drivers and staff.

No deliveries are required for this site.

Review and update work rosters and timetables where possible to ensure temporal as well as physical distancing.

Staff are only required on site one day per week.

Where relevant, ensure clear and visible signage in areas that are open to the general public that specifies maximum occupancy of that space, as determined by the ‘four square metre’ rule.

All public areas are clearly signed



Action to ensure effective record keeping

Record keeping

Establish a process to record the attendance of customers, clients, visitors and workplace inspectors, delivery drivers. This information will assist employers to identify close contacts.

All stallholders attendances are recorded and kept for record tracing.

Provide guidance to staff on the effective use of the workplace OHS reporting system (where available).

Staff training for reporting systems and incidents.


Action to prepare for your response

Preparing your response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

Prepare or update your business continuity plan to consider the impacts of an outbreak and potential closure of the workplace.

Roles and Rosponsibilities:
Manager – Arrange and organise market stallholders, keep control of movements within the market area
Market Assistants – Assist stallholders with set ups, arrange barriers, handwash stations, signage and other relevant mark outs for public attendance.
Staff are monitored during the day to ensure they are delivering required actions.
Plans to converse with customers will be via our social media, website and newsletter. 


Prepare to assist DHHS with contact tracing and providing staff and visitor records to support contact tracing.

Prepare to undertake cleaning and disinfection at your business premises. Assess whether the workplace or parts of the workplace must be closed.


Workplace cleaning is arranged for deep clean should this be required
The workplace office is not open to the public and can be closed if required.


Prepare for how you will manage a suspected or confirmed case in an employee during work hours.


Prepare to notify workforce and site visitors of a confirmed or suspected case.


Prepare to immediately notify WorkSafe Victoria on 13 23 60 if you have a confirmed COVID-19 case at your workplace.


Confirm that your workplace can safely re-open and workers can return to work.



Signed __F. Ashman  

Name  Felicity Ashman   

Date    20.08.2020

I acknowledgement I understand my responsibilities and have implemented this COVID Safe plan in the workplace.