Farmers Market Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction to the Urban Markets Farmers Market 
1.1 Key Objectives of Urban Markets
1.2 Frequency of Urban Markets Farmers Market 
2. Management of Urban Markets
3. Definition of an Eligible Stallholder 
4. Definition of Eligible Produce/Products 
4.1 Diversity of Products 
5. Stallholder Site Fees & Payment 
5.1 Site Fee Structure 
5.2 Refunds 
6. Stallholder Set Up/Pack Up 
6.1 Site Allocation 
6.2 Vehicle Access 
6.3 Site Presentation and Signage
6.4 Vehicle Access
6.5 Vehicle Safety / Unloading procedure
6.6 Stallholder Vehicle Parking
6.7 End of Trade / pack Up
6.8 Equipment
6.9 Power and Water Access
7. Inclement Weather 
8. Public & Product Liability Insurance 
 8.1 Certificate of Currency 
9. Temporary Food Registration 
10. Liquor Licensing 
11. Risk Management & Safety 
11.1 Use of Cooking Equipment & Provision of Samples 
11.2 Storage of Stock 
11.3 Bags
11.4 Rubbish Collection 
12. Communication 
13. Enquiries & Complaints 
14. Promotion & Marketing 
15. Authority of the Market Manager 
1. Introduction to Urban Markets - Farmers Markets
Urban Markets is a privately owned organisation that is committed to providing accredited Farmers’ markets in the Western Suburbs and is responsible for the management, marketing, promotion and development of great markets. Urban Markets is working with the Victorian Farmers Market Association to become a certified authentic farmers’ market under the VFMA accreditation program. As such each farm based producer or specialty maker at our market is encouraged to be certified under the VFMA accreditation program. Shoppers feel confident that they are buying goods directly grown and produced by the stallholder. Urban Markets Farmers’ Market is on the fourth Sunday of each month from 
8.00am – 1.00pm at Kelly Park, Synnot Street, Werribee. 
1.1 Key Objectives of Urban Markets 
• Provide the community with access to fresh produce and increase awareness of our local facilities.
• Provide VFMA accredited growers, farmers and producers with a venue to showcaseand vend their product direct to the public;
• Provide the community with organic, local and nutritious options 
• Provide a wonderful friendly atmosphere, incorporating entertainment and education for people of all ages. 
1.2 Frequency of Urban Markets Farmers’ Market
The Market is held on the fourth Sunday of each month from 8:00am – 1.00pm. 
2. Management of Urban Markets
Urban Markets is operated by owner and staff that have event experience and planning and is coordinated by Felicity Ashman and Alan Harris. Having previously worked with several committee run events I have found that it is more suitable to have a privately run enterprise and ensure that local organisations have opportunities to participate and benefit. 
Market Manager: Felicity Ashman / Alan Harris
Telephone: 0400 520 042 
Postal Address: 1 Khan Court, Truganina Vic 3029 
3. Definition of an Eligible Stallholder 
• Produce and products must be sold by an accredited stallholder with the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association (VFMA). Buying wholesale and reselling or repackaging is not permitted at any Urban Markets Farmers Market 
• Bric or Brac/ Art and craft, where no clear farm origin is defined is not permitted
• A ratio of minimum 75% accredited stallholders and at most 25% unaccredited applies at each market, non-accredited fruit and vegetables are not permitted, 
• Priority is given to local/regional stallholders, however where local/regional stallholders are not willing and/or able to participate in the Market, stallholders from outside of the region may be sought, stalls from interstate are not permitted
• Retailers may participate in the Market, however they may only sell those products/produce that they, a family member or an employee have grown/produced themselves that have a point of difference; 
• Stallholders should be no less than 18 years of age. 
4. Definition of Eligible Produce/ Products 
• Produce that has been grown by a VFMA accredited stallholder on their own farm, in their own paddock or backyard
• Produce that is grown/ ingredients that are sourced locally and cooked, baked, preserved or blended with other products by the stallholder
• Non VFMA accredited fruit and vegetable growers are not permitted · All produce/product must be grown/produced in Victoria 
• All produce/products must be of premium quality. Seconds are not permitted; 
• Soaps, oils and other non-edible products are not permitted unless otherwise agreed by the Market Manager in accordance with VFMA guidelines. Exceptions may include fresh cut flowers, potted herbs, organic compost etc; 
• Two or three non-competing hot food stalls and one take-away coffee stall willbe permitted. Non-competing stall means that the goods on offer are not directly in competition with the products on offer at Urban Markets Farmers Market. The definition of non-competing is at the discretion of the Market Manager and all items for sale must have prior approval by the Market Manager.

4.1 Diversity of Products 

To maintain its position as a popular and exciting event in Werribee the Farmers’ Market must provide its customers with a diverse range of products. Where Urban Markets Management considers that there is an excess of stallholders offering products of a similar nature, action may be taken to correct the situation for the benefit of all stallholders and the Market.  Similar types of products will be capped by the Market Manager to enable adequate opportunity for all stallholders. As a guide, the following limits will apply to the produce/products available at each Market: 
Range of f Product/Produce Maximum number of stalls at each Market that we would like to have attending, however this will be adjusted depending on the numbers of visitors at our market. 
4 Meats, Sausages including organic products (Lamb, pork, beef, chicken)
3 Specialty Meats – Venison, Goat, Buffalo
1 Vegetables (mixed variety)
1 Vegetables (mixed varitey organic)
2 Specialty vegetables (potatoes , tomatoes, garlic)
2 Fresh Fruits (Mixed variety) 
1 Specialty Fruits (berries,)
2 Preserved Fruit and Vegetables including chutneys, pickles, relish etc. 
2 Jams & Conserves 
1 Honey 
2 Dairy Products Cheese / Butter (Cow, goat, sheep)
1 Milk 
1 Ice-cream 
1 Fresh cut flowers 
1 Potted Plants 
1 Olives/Olive Oil products 
1 Fish & Seafood 
2 Herbs & Spices/Pesto 
1 Tea (Locally grown or blended) 
1 Coffee (Locally blended) 
2 Wine (Local/regional) 
2 Beer / Cider
1 Pasta 
2 Bread 
2 Cakes/Sweets/Biscuits 
1 Eggs 
1 Speciality Baked Goods 
2 Nuts/Legumes 
2 Confectionary 
3 Hot food (non competing) 
1 Take away coffee/ tea 
N.B - Other items not listed above will be considered on application by Urban Markets
5. Stallholder Site Fees & Payment 
• Confirmation must be made direct to the Market Manager no later than five (5) working days prior to each Market; 
• Once confirmation has been received, an invoice will be issued; 
• Sites not confirmed by the prescribed time will be re-allocated; 
• Site fees will not be collected on the day of the Market; 
• Payment may be made as directed on the invoice; 
• Stallholders who post their payments (cheque or money order) are required to with the payment. 
• The VFMA monthly ongoing fees of $5per stall will be payable to Urban Markets with their market fee and this will be paid to VFMA by Urban Markets. 
 5.1 Site Fee Structure 
• Fees are $55.00 per market inclusive of GST and the VFMA Market day Levy . Non VFMA members $65.00 per market. 
• Fees may be shared between two stallholders who wish to share a site. 
• Sites are not to be sub-let by stallholders. 
• Stall fees are payable for each market. Failure to pay site fees will result in the stall being cancelled and allocated to someone else. 
• Credits and/or refunds will not be issued for bad weather on market days. 
• Should a stallholder choose not to attend a market for whatever reason the market site fee must be paid whether the stallholder is in attendance or not. It is not the responsibility of Market Management if for any reason a stallholder is unable to or 
does not wish to attend on market day. 
• In the event that the market is cancelled by Market Management, no fees apply

Community Site: One site is available per market for the display and promotion and sale of produce / food of a Wyndham Community Organisation, no fees are payable, however, all community stalls must have the relevant permits to operate if they are selling food.

 6 Stallholder Set / Pack up
Setting up and packing up procedures are specific to each market. Farmers MarketStallholders may set up their stall between 6:30am – 7.45am on Market day. Late arrivals after this time may be refused entry to the Market. 
6.1 Early departures 
In the best interest of the market and as a courtesy to fellow traders, early departures will not be permitted. Marquees are to remain erected until close of market trade. In the event of a ‘sell out’, stallholders are to display a sign indicating that their goods are ‘sold out’ andmarquees are to remain standing. Consideration will be given to special circumstances and only by prior arrangement. In the event that an early departure has been approved by Market Management, marquees and all equipment must be ‘walked’ out. 
No vehicle access during market trade hours. Farmers Market Stallholders may pack up after 1.00pm and should vacate the premises within 1 hour of market closing.

6.2 Site Allocation 

Stallholders shall not occupy a site or area in the Market unless the site or area has been allocated to them by the Market Manager, or an authorised employee. Preference will be given to permanent stallholders, however allocation of preferred sites 
cannot be guaranteed. Sites cannot be transferred between stallholders without prior approval from the Market Manager.  Any sites deemed vacant by the Market Manager on Market day will be reallocated. The Market is comprised of a finite number of sites. Once the Market is full, no further allocation of sites will be made. As a result, Stallholders who appear on Market days who have not confirmed their attendance five (5) working days prior to the Market may not secure a site.

6.3 Site Presentation and Signage 

Please ensure that your site is well presented, tidy and safe at all times. Tablecloths are to be used and signage promoting your stall and/or products is highly recommended. Signs erected must not impede pedestrian flows, must not display any offensive material and must be clean and presentable.

6.4 Vehicle Access 

• Vehicles are not permitted to enter or leave the Market area between 7.45am 1.00pm unless authorised by the Market Manager; 
• Only those stallholders who have been allocated a vehicle site will be entitled to have their vehicle on site during operating hours; 
• Urban markets makes no provision for the parking of stallholder vehicles; 
• Stallholders are reminded not to park where customers may wish to park. 
• Should Road closure barriers be in place these are not to be moved in any circumstances, except by authorised personnel. 
6.5 Vehicle safety / unloading procedure 
Stallholders must unload vehicles then take the car out of the market precinct and park in the designated areas before setting up their stalls. Vehicles must drive slow - 5 kph at all times. Lights on if dark.

6.6 Stallholder vehicle parking 

Stallholders and their staff must park vehicles where directed. Follow market staff directives re vehicle parking and/or restrictions. Do not park in areas designated for customer parking.

6.7 End of trade pack up / vehicle procedures: 

 All stock, goods and/or items must be packed up first. Marquee/umbrellas to be dismantled and packed up. Site to be cleaned and all rubbish removed. Note: Market bins are for lightweight rubbish only, not stallholders produce, rubbish and/or boxes. Vehicles to enter market grounds once the above have been done first.Stallholders also need to be aware of other stakeholders and members of the public using the area. Urban markets first priority is the safety of pedestrians within the Market site and care must be taken while driving in this area.

6.3 Equipment 

Stallholder to supply own equipment and to ensure that they have everything required to operate - gazebo/s, weights/sandbags, table/s, chairs etc. Tables must be in good working order and be suitable for products, card tables and such are not deemed to be suitable for our markets. Irrespective of weather conditions, gazebos must be weighted down with heavy sandbags or with appropriate and secure weights at all times. Where it is possible heavy duty tent pegs can be used. Note: This is an insurance requirement and is mandatory. Umbrellas must also be safely secured with a heavy base and tied to your gazebo where possible. There are Absolutely no exceptions.In the interest of public safety, particularly in windy conditions, the Market Manager reserves the right to direct stallholders to remove umbrellas or other equipment. 

6.4 Power & Water Access 

Not all of our market locations will have electricity available. Some of our indoor locations will have electricity however this will be limited and market stallholders should prepare for no electricity. Request for electricity usage must be applied for and is subject to approval and availability. Limits to the number of power points allocated and amperage available applies. Stallholders are to ensure that all power leads and/or electrical appliances used are safe and that they comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) requirements and are tagged and tested in accordance with statutory guidelines. Credits/refunds will not be given for any electrical supply issues. Water Access may be limited at some of our market sites, and stall holders should ensure they carry enough water for their requirements.

7. Inclement Weather 

• Our markets are all weather markets, however not all markets will have outdoor stall area’s and we will operate irrespective of weather conditions. Inclement weather is no excuse for non- attendance. 
• As a market stallholder you have an obligation to attend the market. This is not only paramount to the success of the market but also supports fellow stallholders who trade and rely heavily on the market as a source of income. 
• It is a stallholders responsibility to ensure that their product is protected and that they have all the necessary equipment on hand to do so (i.e. gazebo sides, weights to secure gazebo etc). Management requires that all stallholders plan against adverse 
weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and heat and ensures that appropriate safety and wet weather procedures are in place. 
Market Management, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assigns shall not be liable for loss or damage to stock and/or equipment however caused.

8. Public & Product Liability Insurance 

Stallholders shall, at all times during their occupation of a site at the Urban Markets events, be the holder of a current Public & Product Liability Policy of Insurance in respect of the activities proposed and undertaken by the Stallholder at the site for the amount of $10,000,000. Before a Stallholder is entitled to operate at Urban Markets events Farmers’ Market, they will produce proof of such Public & Product Liability Insurance. In the case where a Stallholder cannot obtain their own Public & Product Liability Insurance Policy, the Market Manager will endeavour to extend their policy to cover the Stallholder at an additional fee of $10 per Stallholder, per Market day. Urban Markets has a limited number of stall holders insurance available. The Market Manager reserves the right to preclude a Stallholder from operating at Urban Markets events without proof of the requisite insurances.  Stallholders who require Public & Product Liability Insurance are required to complete a Public & Product Liability Insurance Application Form as provided by the Market Manager. Completed application forms are to be returned to the Market Manager five (5) working days prior to the Market. Stallholders who do not adhere to this requirement will not be permitted to participate.  Equipment/materials purchased or supplied by the stallholder are not insured by the Market Manager, Urban Markets or the Farmers’ Market Public & Product Liability Insurance Policy.  Personal belongings, money and private property brought into the Market area by 
stallholders are not insured by Urban Markets. If an incident or accident occurs at the Market, Stallholders are required to notify theMarket Manager immediately. An incident report form will be completed.

8.1 Certificate of Currency 

Stallholders who have their own Public & Product Liability Insurance are required to provide a Certificate of Currency confirming that a policy to a minimum of $10,000,000 is held. Stallholders who do not provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency five (5) working days prior to the Market will not be permitted to participate.

9. Temporary Food Registration 

All stallholders who wish to sell edible products at the Market are required to obtain Appropriate permits must be obtained from Streatrader – the website address is:
Stallholders are required to comply with City of Wyndham with regards to Food Safety Regulations.  Stallholders are required to provide a copy of their Streatrader Registration to the Market Manager five (5) working days prior to the Market. Stallholders who do not adhere to this requirement will not be permitted to participate.  Urban Markets Farmers’ Market will be regularly audited by the City of Wyndham’s Health Unit to ensure Stallholders comply. 
10. Liquor Licensing 
All Stallholders who wish to offer wine tasting at the Market are also required to obtain a Limited Liquor License from Victorian Liquor Licensing by phoning 03 9655 3366 or via the website 
Stallholders are required to provide a copy of their current Limited Liquor License to the Market Manager at least five (5) working days prior to the Market. The Department of Justice may require the application at least 28 days prior to the Market date. 
Urban Markets Farmers’ Market will be regularly audited by the City of Wyndham’s Health Unit to ensure Stallholders comply.

11. Risk Management & Safety 

• Cigarettes are not to be consumed by Stallholders at their site. Stallholders are required to move away from the Market site to smoke 
• Alcohol must not be consumed by Stallholders at the Market 
• Stallholders are not permitted to keep pets/animals on site during the Market
• Stallholders are encouraged to wear sun protective hats that shade the face, neck and ears, apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water (particularly during the warmer months) to avoid sunburn and dehydration 
• Stallholders are encouraged to use a hand trolley to transport stock on site to avoid manual handling issues. Assistance may also be provided by Market staff/fellow stallholders to lift heavy items. 
11.1 Use of Cooking Equipment & Provision of Samples 
Stallholders are encouraged to provide Market shoppers with a sample of their product, however samples must be of an appropriate size. 
All cooking appliances and equipment used by stallholders to prepare samples i.e. BBQ’s, boiling water etc must be kept behind the trestle table provided and out of public reach. It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to supervise cooking appliances and equipment at all times. 
11.2 Storage of Stock 
Stallholders are required to store all loose stock underneath the trestle table provided to minimise trip hazards. 
11.3 Bags
We do not have any policy on the use of plastic bags. We do encourage the use of biodegradable bags when possible or recycling of old bags / net bags. This is a choice for each stallholder to determine if they want to provide bags or have customers bring their own. 
11.4 Rubbish Collection 
Stallholders are responsible for the removal of all rubbish and must leave their site clean and clear of all debris. The rule is simple: If you bring it in, you take it home. Do not throw boxes and food produce in the Council rubbish wheelie bins.  No solid or liquid waste is to be deposited or caused to be deposited on the ground or in any drains, or other public land/space.

12. Communication 

Stallholders will receive a monthly newsletter to advise them of upcoming opportunities and Market themes. 
Stallholders are required to notify the Market Manager of any change of address or other details as soon as possible. 
13. Enquiries/Complaints 
Any enquiry and/or complaint should be directed in the first instance to the Market Manager on Market day or by contacting the Manager 0400 520 042 during normal business hours. 
 14. Promotion and Marketing 
• Promotional Flyer (distributed via the Visitor Information Centre network)
• Monthly radio and print advertising via local media 
• Monthly distribution of Media Release to local media 
• Roadside Promotional Signs around the Municipality 
• Webpage on the VFMA website 
• Editorials by the VFMA in The Age and other media
• Promotion by VFMA via social media including Twitter and Facebook 
• Monthly newsletters distributed by the VFMA to over 9,000 recipients, informing of  the markets location and date 
• Signage at the Market 
15. Authority of the Market Manager 
Stallholders are required to obey the lawful directions of the Market Manager. Urban Markets authorises the Market Manager to refuse stallholder participation in the Market based on the above terms and conditions. All final decisions are at the discretion of the Market Manager.