Tin Shed Charcuterie

The Tin Shed Charcuterie Company was born from founders Jayne and Stuart Todd's ongoing journey into the world of food. A lifelong passion of ours, the joy of food is derived from the process in its entirety; sourcing quality ingredients, preparing the dish and sharing it with loved ones.

It's that last one that we're really excited by; we believe that when shared, good things become great but when your product is great to start with it becomes something truly special.

Since the beginning of this enterprise, we have truly fallen in love with traditional French food and culture. Through the use of old-school technique and new-school know how, we seek to pass the magic of rustic French cooking onto you.

So why the phrase 'Family, friends and the taste of France'? We believe that it's our duty to bring people together through mutual love of fine food. By trying some of our gourmet Pate, Terrines or Rillettes we're welcoming you into our family.

Let the Journey Continue.

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