Stall Application

We are accepting applications for all categories including stalls for both Craft / General Markets and produce for Farmers Markets.  Go to Account Login and register your business details.   This form will not save if you cannot attach public liability insurance /certificate of currency. 

Availability to Urban Markets and acceptance or non acceptance of applications will be at the sole discretion of Urban Markets (Management) and will be based on the information given by the applicants, in their application, given that the products meet the Approved Criteria of handmade, quality, product mix and availability of market space.

We do not accept products that are made from components (eg ready made pendants and put onto cords), items purchased from wholesalers, imported, or made by a manufacturer, or items that are discriminatory or offensive.

Eynesbury Market 
Handmade / Homegrown with a selection of Vintage and Craft suppliers.  (No commission /party plan allowed).  Please email to apply 

Events Stall Insurance
Insurance All stall holders must have their own insurance to $20 million Public Liability Insurance.
Please contact us if you do not have a regular market stall and require insurance for our events. We can cover a limited number of stall holders for some markets at at charge of $10.00 per market.

Site Fees
Each event and market have different requirements and different fees.  

Stall Sites 

We do not supply any equipment for stall holders. 
Market sites are allocated at the discretion of Management Outside sites allow room for a gazebo, some markets have room for your vehicle as well.
We have limited indoor stalls for Eynesbury Market. 

Food Stalls
Food stalls must comply with all relevant food and food handling regulations that are required by local government by laws and must supply a copy of their registered kitchen certificate.
All applications must register on streatrader and have a permit to trade in the Wyndham Council area.

All applications must have photos of your products, we do not require photos of every item you wish to sell but would like an overview of your products. Applications will not be processed without images. We will accept jpg or pdf files.
We are looking at arranging a meet and greet session for stall holders to bring along a range of their products to show us for those that prefer a face to face get to know you, and apply directly on the day.

Urban Markets has the sole discrection of acceptance or non acceptance of all stall holders applications, based on the information received in your application.
Urban Markets reserve the right to reject applications or explain reasons for its decisions. 
All decisions made are final. Stall allocations are at the discretion of Management. All products must be made by the registered stall holder. 
Products that are designed and made by a manufacturer are not deemed suitable involvement. 
Products that are up- cycled must have significant changes to be considered. 
Stalls must not sell items made by other people.