Raw Eatables

Urban grower, 35 mins west of Melb CBD. We maintain the practice of biodynamics, organics, permaculture and natural farming principles. Our main focus is on developing sustainable natural food production outside the corporate run food system. Doing things the old way before industrialization, using man power rather than large machinery, focusing on quality over profit. We relying on hand tools and natures 4 seasons, without intervention or use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We aim to produce the healthiest nutritionally rich food available.

David and Katie share many life interests especially in the area of health and sustainable living. They have spent many years studying, practicing and developing their way of life. They enjoy plant based nutrition and practice clean living to get the best out of each day and now provide others with the opportunity to do the same.

David Da Eira has many years of experience in the health and organic industry. He has studied & practiced sustainability, permaculture, organic growing, biodynamics, natural farming and some soil biology and is always looking to improve and implement cleaver farming methods. He's a passionate speaker on the keys to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle and how to grow your own food. Focused on developing the current farm to continue to produce healthy organic veggies the most natural way and efficient way possible, in Melbourne's ever changing climate. He has the biggest green thumb you've ever seen!

Katie Ballantyne is a practicing Naturopath who focus's on removing the obstacles that prevent health and vitality. She believes that 'food as medicine' is the key to prevention and allows the body to do what it does best - self heal. She's Wonder Woman on the field!

Through our veggies we aim to educate and inspire others to move 'back' to organic food. We've developed a way to make it easy and convenient for locals to access organics. Our 'to your door' box delivery system and weekly market access supports this. 

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Phone: 0402 340 543 0r 0400 974 905.


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