Geelong Candle Company

I have soy candles & melts, room fragrance sprays, soaps, bath salts / milks / teas. hand spray nappy creams
Candles and melts are made with soy wax and fragrance oils. All jars are wicked by hand no machines!
Tops are smoothed post set by using a heat gun to make sure they'e bubble free. I make my soaps using the cold process method for the most part. This is where caustic soda is used to saponify the oils to make soap. I am also registered with NICNAS, cold process soap makers who wish to sell MUST be registered with NICNAS which is part of the health department.

My creams are researched for ingredients that are beneficial. Is nappy creams, I have 2 types, one for disposable and one for cloth nappies. I also use different clays for different skin types in spa bars (face soaps) and different essential oils are used in hand sprays for their germ fighting properties

Phone: 0408 561 158
Colonial Candlez, Urban Markets Colonial Candlez, Urban Markets
Colonial Candlez, Urban markets Colonial candlez, Urban Markets