Brooklands Free Range Farm

Free Range Rare Breed Berkshire Pork cuts, sausages, hams, nitrate free bacon and a small selection of small goods and when available Grass Fed Rarebreed British White Beef.

Our pigs are born and raised outdoors on the mineralised Volcanic Soils of Blampied. The forage in their paddocks and are free to sleep in the sun, shelter from the col, chase bugs and play. After they have dug up most of their paddocks and with their own fertilisation we then drill seed with rye corn, peas, beans or corn ready fo rtheir next forage - all this done chemically free. Our ethics are high, we take all our stock personally to a special non commercial free range farm abbotoir. When we arrive there you dont have truck loads of animals at any one time, maybe one or two, hence the stress is extremly low as they are not sensing fear of the other animals - this is very important to us. We currently only do one steer a week, and this will increase as our stock levels grow, hence we will have more grass fed beef in the not to distance future. Our beef only eat our grass, which we also cut for hay to keep them fed during the winter months and calving.


Phone: 0422 748 670